Setting the Intention… ❤︎

Welcome! So, since not many people know much about me, I thought it’d be best if I started off by writing a little bit about what led me to create a blog in the first place. I am here because I have spent way too much time trapped inside my own head, doubting myself, and worrying about what other people are going to think of me if I do something I actually want to do. I am here because I have found the courage to follow my heart and speak my truth. In doing this, I have discovered so much about myself and am understanding what I would consider one of the most important things in life: how to love myself. Loving and accepting yourself is a lot easier said than done, however, learning to do this has been one of the most rewarding parts of my personal growth journey.

Furthermore, I wanted to shed some light on the path I have chosen. I’ve always felt a need to help others, and at first I thought I could satisfy this need through becoming a nurse, but I was wrong as my heart was not in that profession. After a little soul searching and self discovery, I came across a field of work that I fell absolutely in love with and that allows me to offer my help/guidance/service to others: holistic nutrition (mind, body, soul). And as a form of expression, I receive the most satisfaction from writing so I figured, why not take it a step further and share it? This led me to blogging.

Now, I know how hectic life can get so I plan on making my posts relatively short, but packed with lots of good information. I will be writing about a lot of different topics, for example: yoga, nutrition, personal struggles, fitness, spirituality, experiences, discoveries, my journey, my passions, natural healing, and so much more. My vision with this blog is to share my journey and act as a mirror for the many who have yet to dive deep within themselves. For so long, I ignored my truest self and let my ego consume me, my inner demons guide me, and my unhealthy habits define me, but my time for change has come. I am so excited to begin this new chapter in my life and I cannot wait to start sharing with you all. Thank you for showing up ❤︎


Xoxo & n a m a s t e

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